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Lennoxtown Friendly Victualling Society

Many of the Lennox Mill workers supported Thomas Muir of Huntershill in his campaigns to establish democracy in Scotland, and as a result, a Reform Society was formed in Lennoxtown in 1792. 

In the drive towards democratization, a local co-operative society was established in 1812, the Lennoxtown Friendly Victualling Society.  The purpose of this society was to provide the necessities of life at the cheapest and easiest terms available. The membership fee was 1s and 6d (1/6), and each member was issued with a personal number to claim dividends. Customers were urged to follow the wise example of the pioneers and join up! The society, which also had branches in Milton and Torrance was wound up in 1965, and its engagements were transferred to the Kirkintilloch Equitable Society. 

Cameron's claim that this co-op was either the second or third oldest in Scotland, falls short of the claim listed in the advertisement on this page (see picture) as 'The Oldest Co-operative in the World'. 

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